Oracle Exadata vs SAP HANA

We have provided some major difference between SAP HANA and Oracle Exadata. 

Even Exadata is not comparable with HANA than also we have tried to conclude it based on materials and documentation available in the market.

Oracle Exadata
SAP HANA is an in-Memory Appliance. SAP HANA is an in-Memory Appliance.
Oracle Exadata is based on Oracle servers, storage, networking, and software– all engineered and optimized to work together.

It’s meant for Mixed workloads, i.e OLTP,DW
SAP HANA and partner solutions powered by the SAP HANA in-memory software.

There are only a limited number of specialized SAP applications that run on HANA
We can use existing Oracle licences with Exadata If we move to HANA, it's required to buy new licences as existing licences would not be reused
Oracle Exadata is delivered pre-configured, pre-tested and pre-optimized, with all necessary software, storage, hardware,and interconnect to lower total cost of ownership and provide quick time to value.

Oracle Exadata is sold, delivered, and supported as a single-vendor solution with quick time-to-resolution.
SAP HANA relies on third-party compute, network,and storage vendors. Multiple points of support lead to longer downtimes and higher total cost of ownership.

No single vendor is accountable for the solution's service-level agreements and due to its complexity, HANA deployments typically require a significant amount of effort.
Exadata can be used for any type of workload for any application which is running with Oracle Database HANA is limited to SAP BW only. It doesn't support any other application
Exadata is capable for all type of workload so customer can consolidate multiple database on single machine. SAP HANA runs only single application. It doesn't support multiple workload as well non sap DBs
Exadata comes with built in security HANA don't have any encryption, auditing , compliance monitoring or any security certification
Oracle Exadata is enough smart to use RAM, Flash and Storage HANA puts everything on memory
Exadata is single vendor optimized machine HANA comes as an assemble hardware
Exadata is pre configured with HA and single point of hardware failure HANA has limited capabilities in backup and recovery area. Also there is no failover solution as well disaster recovery solution
We can use IORM and instance caging in Exadata to prioritize the I/Os. There is no features available to prioritize I/O in HANA
TCO is less compare to HANA TCO is high compare to Exadata
Only Exadata DBA is required to manage Exadata Multiple resource required to manage HANA
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  1. under oracle exadata the 1st point there is a typo it suppose to be Oracle exadata not sap hana