5 Reasons to be Oracle Exadata Certified

The Oracle Exadata Database Administrator and Implementation Certified Professional confirms that applicants have the DMA (Database Machine Administrator) skill to implement and manage the Oracle Exadata Machine. It also indicates a certification holder can do everyday tasks whether it is Database or Exadata Machine which also helps to increase productivity of employee.

There are two exams for Oracle Exadata as below. Based on your role you can choose any of the exam or both.

1. 1Z0-338The Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials

2.  1Z0-070 - Oracle Exadata X5 Administration

So why to choose Oracle Exadata Certification?

Now days Oracle is coming with new version of Database with lots of new features which eliminate many of the DBA tasks so if you are traditional DBA then one day DBA role will be eliminated which may impact your career if you are not upgrading yourself with the technology so better to prepare yourself to be DMA which is hot demand in the database market. This certification will help you to transform from DBA to DMA where you can manage database as well the underlying infrastructure where database is running.

Reason 1: Opens the door for better job as it will add weight to your resume without a doubt

Reason 2:  No doubt it will boost your earning if you are certified and transforming from DBA to DMA.

Reason 3: Certified candidate having more chance to get sort listed for any of the interview process.

Reason 4:  Provides you a feeling of accomplishment which will help you to drive your career towards more success

Reason 5: Demand of Oracle Exadata Certified increasing rapidly which enables you to stand out of the group

Ultimate Guide to Clear Oracle Exadata Certification

Oracle Exadata Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle 18c and Its Impact on DBA

Cheatsheet : Interview Preparation

You can take the reference of below questions and how you can answer each of them during interview. This is just hint to think to that direction which can boost your confidence and you can be well prepared before the interview.


No doubt all the questions are not applicable to all of you which you can ignore. Our intend is only to help you in such crisis if it can help.


First we would suggest to go though your CV and only write what you know, never keep anything as showcase, many time it cab be the reason why you get rejected.


Question: Describe your overall experience

Hint: Go through the job description or advertisement and list the technologies relevant to the job; for example, DBA, DMA, System Architect, Solution Architect etc... Consider your own experience with each of these. You want to identify areas where your experience is lacking, and what you will say when asked them.


Question: Tell me about a project you’re proud of.

Hint: Consider what made you proud—was it your work or someone else’s What part did you play in the project?


Question: Explain a gap between jobs and anything else unusual about your work history.

Hint: Having taken time off work for personal reasons is fine, and you needn’t feel pressured to explain personal matters on the phone. Be prepared for a follow-up question about the recency of your experience; that is, “So after that time off, does that mean you are out of practice with…?”


Question: How do you rate yourself in each of the major technologies mentioned in the job description or advertisement?

Hint: Be honest; this question often precedes a technical pop-quiz.


Question: What would your previous manager say was your biggest weakness?

Hint: Again, be honest; the potential employer might well contact your previous or current employer when seeking references.


Question: Why are you looking to leave your current employer?


Good reasons include:

                -Self-improvement, career advancement

                -Broadening your experience


Poor Reasons include:

                -I was scared for incompetence

                -I felt like a change (sounds suspicious)


Question: You haven’t been with your current employer for very long—why are you looking to move so soon?

Hint: Perhaps you were miss old a job, and it turned out to be something other than what you expected. That reason is valid, but you need to be careful, whatever your reason, that you avoid the appearance of having acted capriciously.


Question: You have been with your current employer for a long time—why are you looking to move after so long?

Hint: employer for a long time—why are you looking to move after so long?

The concern of a potential employer might be that you were settled (in a rut?) and were forced out only by changing circumstances.


Question: What are you least skilled at (either technical or non-technical)?

Hint: This is a variation of the old question, “What is your biggest weakness?” You should either pick something that is less relevant to the job, or pick something that, depending on the context, could be considered a strength, such as assertiveness or impatience.


Question: Describe a bug or a problem that you couldn’t resolve.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to ‘fess up here. Every mortal programmer will face a bug like this sooner or later. These are opportunities for learning, remember? Describe what you learned


Question: Which is more important: quality or efficiency?

Hint: This is another false dilemma—why not have both?


Question: Which is more important: getting things done or doing things properly?

Hint: This is also a false dilemma. A balance is called for. 

Question: Describe the worst team you’ve been part of, and what you did to try to improve that team.

Hint: The interviewer is asking whether you are aware of “team dynamics” and how they might be improved


Question: What makes you stand out from all the candidates we could interview?

Hint: This is no time to be modest. Get to the point, list your best qualities, and brie? y describe how these qualities match those required for the job.


Question: Describe how you handled a situation where you disagreed with a decision for technical reasons, but were overruled for business reasons.

Hint: This question is to find out two things: how passionate you are about your opinions, and how pragmatic you are about decision making. You should aim for a balance.


Question: What is the most difficult question you’ve ever been asked at an interview? 

Hint: The interviewer has probably heard that one before. Our advice is to answer this question with an example of a difficult (or impossible) technical question; something the interviewer will probably agree is hard.


Question: What is the one question an interviewer should ask during an interview?

Hint: This is another “clever” question. The interviewer is asking what you think is important. Be prepared to answer whatever question you suggest.


Hope this will help you while appearing into the interview.


Do comment with the question which you think should be included in this list which will help all the readers.

Upskill Your Resume With Free Premium Online Courses

Covid-19 situation has affected the whole world. Working professionals are forced to work from home. The pandemic is going to affect the economy at large. There is a big threat that this situation can have on the jobs. For those that are staying at home, many e-learning platforms are offering free online courses. Upgrading your tech skills is the most assured way of staying relevant in the post-Covid job market. Here are the top companies and platforms that are offering free e-learning courses. 

1. Simplilearn 

The home-grown e-learning platform offers courses in emerging technologies. Simplilearn has announced 13 foundational courses related to AI, data science, and big data analytics for free on its Android app. Learners will also receive certificates on successful completion of the course. Adopting new technologies has become a necessity for tech professionals to upskill and stay ahead of the curve. 

2. Coursera 

Coursera has joined hands with universities that are hit due to Covid-19. Some of the top universities in the world are offering free access to their course catalogue on Coursera. The paid programs are made free until July 31. Coursera for Campus initiative allows learners to gain access to the courses until September 30. 

3. Oracle 

Oracle has announced free access to its online courses and cloud certifications. The courseware and certification covering Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database will be available for free until May 15. Many users including developers, tech professionals, architects, students, and professors can access 50 hours of online training and 6 certifications for free. 

4. Nasscom 

Nasscom FutureSkills initiative offers deep learning programs for free to users. The company has created deep learning programs for their partner ecosystem. Nasscom is offering premium courses in AI and Big Data Analytics for free. 

5. SAP 

The enterprise software firm is providing MOOCs via openSAP platform. Course topics include automatic robotic process automation, data science, ethical artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, internet of things (IoT), sustainability, Java programming, and more. 

Reference: https://content.techgig.com

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Last month Oracle made all content free for everyone for next 45 days which includes OCI certifications and Oracle Autonomous Database Certification.

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​4 Actions to Perform Before Updating Exadata Software

Oracle Exadata Database machine built on multiple software which required updates periodically. Effective plan to update the software help to execute task effectively.

Exadata software updates apply to three major component on exadata machine. 
  • Exadata Database Server Update
  • Exadata Storage Server Update
  • Exadata RDMA Network Fabric switches​​
Further Exadata Server and Storage server updates contains.
  • Database Server Operating System
  • Exadata System Software
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Firmware for various hardware components
Below are the 4 actions you should perform before updating any software on Exadata machines, this can be consider as pre-requisite for update process.