Exadata Patching Strategy

Let's have an overview of Exadata Machine patching.
  1. Check latest patches available on Oracle note ID - 888828.1 
  2. Download the required patches
  3. Review the patch README file
  4. Make step by step plan to apply patch for all the component
  5. Run Exachk utility before the patch application, analyse the report and correct wherever it's required.
  6. Automate the patch application process based on rolling or non-rolling method
  7. Apply the patch
  8. Run Exachk utility again and validate the system
  9. Verify the patch
  10. Check the performance of the system

Note: Patching can be done in rolling as well as no-rolling fashion.

Rolling- Patch can be applied on one by one component without downtime
Non-Rolling - Downtime is required to apply the patch. It can be done simultaneously on all the system at a time.

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