Oracle Exadata Interview Experience

Faisal is from UAE who recently appeared for the Exadata interview and successfully grab the opportunity to be an Exadata Consultant in one of the telecom company in UAE. He has shared his interview experience with us on mail which we are sharing here which will help you to get an idea of the interview questions which can be asked in the interview.

We are hearty thankful to Faisal who shared his feedback here. Your little effort will really guide other techies to boost the confidence while appearing into the interview for Exadata Database Machine. You can get the reference mail snap which is sent by Faisal HERE. We have trimmed his mail ID and full name for security purpose.

Below text we have taken from Faisal's mail which describes his interview experience.

Hello Sir,

Recently I have been appeared in exadata DBA interview for one of the telecom company in Dubai. There were three rounds of interview two F2F technical and one HR. I have cleared all three rounds of interview got selected for my dream job as Exadata Consultant. You guys helped me a lot to prepare for the interview, because of that only I have cleared it. Mostly all the exadata interview questions came from your ebook which was the best part for me as I have purchased it just before 10 days of first round. I dont' have enough words to thank you so thought to share what I have been asked in interview from technical front which can help 
you and others also. This will also help you to motivate yourself to keep continue what you are doing.

First Round: (30 Min)

My first round was only the introductory round about myself and work experience which can help them to send me for next round of technical interview.

  • Describe yourself
  • How much total experience in IT and specially in the field of Oracle Technology
  • What is your current roles and responsibility?
  • Do you know Exadata? As per your view what is your expertise level in Exadata ? (Beginner,Intermediate, Experts)
  • What is RAC and what are the benefits of RAC?
  • What is the architecture of Oracle?
  • What are the protection modes available in dataguard?
  • Advantage and disadvantages of archive mode in Oracle
  • What is Linux bonding?
  • What is Exadata?
  • What are the features of Exadata?
  • Why one should go for Exadata?
  • What are the components of Exadata machine?
  • What is Cell?
  • Which operating system is supports by cell and compute node?
  • What is the role of cellmonitor user in cell server?
  • What is smart scan?
  • Advantages of database machine

Second Round: (70 Min)
No of interviewer: 3 

Second wound was more over from exadata specific only. It was quite interesting and interactive. I have provided list of some questions which was asked me in interview which I remember?

  • Describe yourself
  • What was your roles in your previous organization?
  • How much do you rate your self as Oracle DBA from 1 to 10 points? 
  • How much do you rate your self as Oracle Exadata DBA from 1 to 10 points? 
  • What is infiniband switch?
  • Where compression and de-compression take place in Exadata?
  • What is the startup sequence of RAC?
  • What is the use of OLR?
  • Which tool is used to provide initial configuration data of exadata to implementation team?
  • How many types of networks available in Exadata?
  • Which steps need to perform to configure exadata?
  • What onecommand does?
  • What is the functionality of smart scan and how it works?
  • When we should execute exacheck?
  • Have done Exadata patching?
  • Which utility is used to patch database machine components?
  • Have faced any issue while doing patching? If yes than explain and let us know how you have resolved it?
  • What is consolidation and what are the benefits to consolidate database on exadata machine?
  • What patching order one should follow while doing exadata patching?
  • How to create DBFS?
  • What is the function of libcell?
  • How you can configure alert on cell server?
  • How to validate cell server configuration?
  • How many IPs are required for each cell and compute node?
  • How to check whether my database machine can afford cell failure or not without affecting database services?
  • What is the relationship between physical disk and grid disk?
  • Can we configure RAID 5 on Exadata?
  • What is storage index and how it works?
  • What is IORM?
  • Can we use IORM on non-exadata system?
  • How to replace the cell hard disk?
  • Where I can get cell server logs?
  • Which MOS ID provide the latest patch detail?
  • What us the memory capacity in X5-2 machine?
  • How many CPUs can be used in 1/8th X4-2 database machine?
  • Is it possible to create ASM disk grop on flash disk? 
  • When we should create ASM diskgrouo on grid disk?
  • Difference between writeback and write through flash cache mode. Which one is better?
  • What is the sequence to power off exadata?
  • Which migration method we can use to migrate database to exadata machine?
  • Have worked with OEM12c?
  • Explain how ASR works?
  • What is calibration?
  • If someone complains that database is running slow, how you will start your investigation to resolve it on exadata?
  • Does smart scan give more benefits if we make index invisible?
  • When we should pin the objects in flash cache?



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