Resource Control in Exadata

We can check enabled resources (CPUs, RAM) with below command on exadata.

Sample output from one storage cell of Exadata 1/8th Rack

[root@cell01 ~]# /opt/oracle.SupportTools/resourcecontrol -show

[INFO] Validated hardware and OS. Proceed.
[SHOW] Number of cores active per socket: 3
[SHOW] Number of harddisks active - 6.
[SHOW] Number of flashdisks active - 8.

1/8th Exadata Rack comes with same hardware as quarter rack, but only half of the resources would be enabled on each 1/8th storage cell So, if in future if we need to upgrade 1/8th rack to quarter rack then we can use this utility to enable rest all the resources.

Above example shows all the enabled resources on one storage cell.

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