Exadata OneCommand Utility Steps

  • Onecommand utility is used to configure the Exadata machine based on given information through OEDA by customer.
  • Also whatever steps are performed by oncecommand can be changed based on the customer's required configuration and environment.
  • All the steps runs sequentially and each step must be completed before execution of next step.
  • Steps can be run individually as well as in one shot with single command.
Below are the steps which need to be executed through onecommand utility. 

Step 0: Validate the environment.
Step 1: Create work directory
Step 2: Unzip files
Step 3: Setup SSH for the root user
Step 4: Update the /etc/hosts file
Step 5: Create the cellip.ora and cellinit.ora files
Step 6: Validate the InfiniBand network
Step 7: Update the cell software
Step 8: Validate the cells
Step 9: Check RDS using the ping command
Step 10: Run CALLIBRATE on the cells

Study Guide for 1Z0-027 Certification

Exadata Database Machine Overview
  • Identify the benefits of using Database Machine for different application classes
  • Describe the integration of the Database Machine with Oracle Database Clusterware and ASM
  • Describe Exadata Storage Server and the different Database Machine configurations
  • Describe the key capacity and performance specifications for Database Machine
  • Describe the key benefits associated with Database Machine
Exadata Database Machine Architecture
  • Describe the Database Machine network architecture
  • Describe the Database Machine software architecture
  • Describe the Exadata Storage Server storage entities and their relationships
  • Describe how multiple Database Machines can be interconnected
  • Describe site planning requirements for Database Machine
  • Describe network requirements for Database Machine
Key Capabilities of Exadata Database Machine
  • Describe the key capabilities of Exadata Database Machine
  • Describe the Exadata Smart Scan capabilities
  • Describe the capabilities of hybrid columnar compression
  • Describe the capabilities and uses of the Smart Flash Cache
  • Describe the capabilities of the Smart Flash Log
  • Describe the purpose and benefits of Storage Indexes
  • Describe the capabilities and uses of Exadata Secure Erase
Exadata Database Machine Initial Configuration

1Z0-485 Exadata Certification Study Guide

Oracle has released new certification for Implementation specialist after 1Z0-536.

Certification Code - 1Z0-485

Certification Name - Oracle ExadataDatabase Machine 2014 Implementation Essentials

You can get detailed Study Guide on below link. Hope it will help you to get certified.

Also refer 1Z0-027 (Exadata X3 Administration) Question Bank.