Exadata Installation Activities

Implementation of Exadata done by Oracle ACS team so many time we are curious to know that what exactly they are doing so here we have listed down the list of activities which can be done by Oracle in various phases.

1.  Configuration worksheet
2.  Pre-delivery Survey

(ACS Team Activity)

3.  Generic Config Files based on Configuration Worksheet
4.  Run checkip.sh

(Oracle H/W Team Activity)

5.  Power on and validate all the components
6.  Configure KVM
7.  Configure Infiniband Swithces
8.  Configure Cisco Switch
9.  Configure IP to PDUs
10. Storage Cell validation
11. Compute Node validation

(ACS Team Activity)

12. Transfer configuration files from USB to DB node

13. Execute firstboot and applyconfig.sh
14. Stage Oracle Software on Node 1
15. Run OneCommand

                                           ASR Installation

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