Linux Server Performance Analyzer Utilities

If there is any Linux performance issue we mostly go to Google and find commands to analyze the performance but multiple time it's difficult to find it when we required some specific details so, we have tried here to place all the Linux performance utility which can help you to analyze the Linux server performance.

There are multiple utilities available to analyse Linux server. Which includes CPUs, Memory, I/O, disk, network analysis.

free Displays free and used memory.
iostat Displays disk I/O statistics.
netstat Reports on network statistics.
mpstat Reports CPU statistics.
vmstat Monitors processes, CPU, memory, or disk I/O bottlenecks.
ps Identifies highest CPU- and memory-consuming sessions. Used to identify Oracle
sar Displays CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network usage, both current and historical
top Identifies sessions consuming the most resources.
watch Periodically runs another command.
du Displays disk usage.
df Reports on free disk space.

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