Oracle EM12c Quick Reference

OEM 12c comes with many exciting features compare to OEM 11g. That's why there are many options in navigation pane and cloud control panel of OEM12c and It's very difficult to remember each of them.

Managing Exadata with OEM 12c

Many times it happens like we configure something and after sometime if we have to do the same activity then it's very difficult to remember the options from where we have configured earlier and the same effort we have to give even though we know how to do.

Here we have just given list of options available with navigation pane in OEM12c which will act as Quick Reference for EM12c. Hope this will help you.

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On OEM12c home page we get below navigation pane on top of the screen.

Navigation menu located at top of the left side screen.

It used for navigating the console. There are four menus in navigation pane as below.

Enterprise Menu

It is available to get the view of overall system.Options in Enterprise will give you wide options for monitoring and make it standardize.

Target Menu

It gives access to the configured targets.

Favorite Menu:

As name suggest, you can add up favorite menu into it, to get into that particular interface directly. 


It give the list of recently accessed items.


This box we can use to search target, oracle patches, oracle documentation etc...

Cloud Control Navigation Pane

It' located at top of the right side screen.It used for clode control management.


This menu is used for manage access as well as operation and configuration of EM. It provides interface to setup and maintain EM configuration. It has below sections.


It is used to get help for EM.


It is used to configure your homepage as well as for access management.


This menu is used to manage, administrator and monitor the target host.

Exadata Storage Grid

This menu is used to manage, administrator and monitor Exadata Storage grid.

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