Exadata Interview Questions - Part 1

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  • What is Exadata?
  • Key components of Exadata
  • Features of Exadata
  • Exadata Sizing
  • Difference between ordinary database setup and Exadata
  • What is storage index and how it works
  • Use of Flash Cache
  • Background services of Cell Server
  • What is cellcli?
  • How to replace faulty HDD in Exadata?
  • How to remove and add cell storage to running system?
  • How to migrate database from normal setup to Exadata ?
  • Exdata Shutdown procedure
  • Which OS is supported by Exadata?
  • What is ASR?
  • How to integrate Exadata with OEM 12c?
  • How to upgrade firmware of Exadata components?
  • How to upgrade Exadata?
  • Where we can define which cell storage can be used by particular database server?
  • How to check Exadata health check?
  • What is EHCC?
  • Options to configure backup and recovery for Exadata
  • What is offloading and how it works?
  • What is cellcli and dcli?
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