Newly Released: Oracle Exadata X8-2

This post is bit late but important if still you are not updated.

Recently Oracle announced Latest Oracle Exadata X8 which is specially design to expand more capacity in terms of storage by increasing the size of storage disk.

There no huge changes compare to Exadata X7. The major change is the size of disk from 10TB to 14TB which will ultimately help to reduce cost as Oracle Exadata storage includes license cost for storage disk also.

There are not change in number of CPU but clockspeed of CPU has been increased in newer version. There is no change in size of memory.

Third type of storage has been introduced, Storage Server XT. This is a storage node without flash cards and with less memory and only a single CPU. This type of node is intended for long term data storage for archiving purposes. It will cost considerably less than the regular storage nodes.

Check out this data sheet for the full specification overview: