Exadata Quick Reference 1: Oracle Exadata Utilities

We have started the sequence of posts for Oracle Exadata Quick Reference which will include Exadata Commands, Utilities, Patching commands, quick overview of exadata features, Exadata parameters, wait events etc...

Agenda for this sequence is to review the exadata quickly in shorter time which also can help for interview preparation. Also it can help for exadata administrator to get the data quickly.

Following are the Oracle Exadata Utilities which are available as of now.

Command-line administration tool for configuring database servers, and managing objects in the server environment.  

Command-line administration tool for Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software 

Runs commands on multiple compute nodes and cells in parallel threads 

Command-line administration tool for Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software. It runs on compute nodes and enables you to manage cells remotely. 

The exadcli utility runs commands on multiple cells in parallel threads. You can issue an ExaCLI command to be run on multiple cells. 

The Exadata Deployment Assistant tool used to gather the information needed to deploy the Exadata Database Machine. The information entered in the tool is used to create the configuration files used to deploy the machine. 

Run the Network Check script on the network where the machine will be deployed to validate the specified names and IP addresses have been added correctly to the name server, and they do not conflict with the existing network configuration.   

Exachk utility used to conduct a comprehensive Exadata Health Check on Exadata Database Machine to validate hardware, firmware and configuration.