Cloud Edition: Oracle Exadata Interview Questions and Answers

What kind of subscription options exists for Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service?
  • Non-metered Subscription 
  • Metered Subscription 

What mean by Non-metered Subscription?
A non-metered subscription is an agreement to purchase a specific number of service units over a specific term. Consequently, the charge for a non-metered subscription is not related to actual service usage. Non-metered subscriptions are also referred to as standard subscriptions.

What mean by Metered Subscription?
Metered Subscription — With a metered subscription, you are charged based on your service usage. 

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Two varieties exist:  
  • Pre-Paid — With a pre-paid subscription you pay an up-front amount to establish an account that is consumed as you use a service. 
  • Pay As You Go — With a pay as you go subscription you do not pay an upfront amount and are billed periodically for your actual service usage. 

What type of exadata configurations offered for oracle exadata cloud service in Oracle premises?