Why You Should Be Oracle Exadata Certified?

When you hear word Exadata , what first thing comes in your mind? Now the time comes for Exadata DMA rather than traditional DBA who can manage entire setup including network, storage, server, operating system, database, grid, asm etc...

To get this job you have to demonstrate your skill to the customer which is definitely 50% fulfilled if you are exadata certifiedIf you go to any Oracle customer who are on traditional oracle setup, all are thinking switch to the exadata machine because of many benefits for business as well operational.

How To Erase Data Securely On Exadata?

Give more attention who are looking to attend 1Z0-027 exam, you can expect 1-2 questions from this topic.

When disposing of an old hard drive, physically destroy the drive or completely erase all the data on the drive. Deleting the files or reformatting the drive removes only the address tables on the drive. 

The information can still be recovered from a drive after deleting files or reformatting the drive.

Monitoring Commands for Infiniband Switch

Infiniband is new for DBA so, DBA are not familiar with it in terms of management or monitoring but believe us monitoring or manage IB switches is not that much difficult.It's required just bit effort to understand how it works and how we can manage it. 

From Oracle Documentation you can learn it very well. Also it's not required much time to familiar with IB switches.

We can monitor IB switches using command line interface by executing simple linux commands for IB switches. 

Here we have give some of the commands which you can use for basic IB switch monitoring.