CELLSRVSTAT in Exadata Cell Storage

Cellsrvstat is very useful utility to get the cell level statastics for all the logical components of  cell like memory,io,smartio,flashcache etc...

Cellsrvstat is use to get quick cell level statistics from particular cell storage. Each CELL contains tool like cellsrvstat which gives brief information about CELL level statistics. It also helps you to get information of offloading and storage index.

It gives brief statistics for following sections.

io                  Input/Output related stats
mem              Memory related stats
exec               Execution related stats
net                 Network related stats
smartio           SmartIO related stats
flashcache       FlashCache related stats
ffi                   FFI related stats
lio                  LinuxBlockIO related stats

Simply running the utility from the command prompt, without any additional parameters or qualifiers, produces the output. You can also restrict the output of cellsrvstat by using the -stat_group parameter to specify which group, or groups, you want to monitor.

Help from cellsrvstat

[root@cell01 ~]# cellsrvstat -h