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Oracle Exadata Interview Questions and Answers

7 Things You Should Know About Exadata X5-2

Following are the major differences or features of Exadata Machine X5-2 compare to X4-2 machine.

  • Solaris operating system is not supported on ED X5 anymore
  • ED X5 supports OVM 
  • High performance configuration has been replaced by Extreme Flash
  • Each extreme flash storage contains 8 x 1.6 TB PCI flash drives
  • Disk controller battery eliminated for flash card
  • CPU increased to 288 cores per full rack, 2 x 18 core per Database server
  • Memory can be upgraded up to 768 GB per database server

How to use compression advisor on Exadata?

Compression advisor is used to estimate compression ratio of a particular table by executing compression advisor utility.

It can be used to estimate compression ratio of object/table , based on that we can go for the best possible compression method i.e. OLTP, Query Low, Query High, Archive Low and Archive High.

It also helps us to decide whether we will get optimal benefit of compression or not.

We can come to know how much storage free space we would get if we compress the tables which helps us to do better capacity planning for future requirement.

Following are the steps which need to performed to get the compression ratio of any object.

Exadata Document Available Publicly

Its great news to all Oracle techies. Now Oracle Exadata Document is available publicly on Oracle website. No need Oracle support id to view the document.

You can get it from below link.

                                         Oracle Exadata Documentation

How to configure Exadata cell alert notification?

We can configure SMTP alert on cell level using cellcli utility on each cell to get alert notification by providing below required details.

CellCLI> ALTER CELL smtpServer='',
             smtpFrom='Exadata Alert',         


smtpserver - Mail Server Name
smtpFromAddr - Mail id from where alert will be send to 
smtpToAddr - Mail id on which alert should go
notificationPolicy - Define notification policy
notificationMethod - method of notification

Validate email notification on cell by executing


We can also change the format of E-mail address by executing commands like

CellCLI> ALTER CELL emailFormat='text'
CellCLI> ALTER CELL emailFormat='html'

                                How to calculate IOPS in Exadata ?