Oracle Exadata X5-2 Released

Oracle released X5-2 series Exadata. You can have a look inside , we hope it would be more faster with more capacity of storage and memory than earlier release. Upcoming Oracle Certification Exam 1Z1-070 Oracle Exadata X5 Administration

You can check it on below link which can help you to deep down into X5-2 architecture.

Oracle Exadata Datasheet and Database Machine

Oracle introduced new exadata certification exam. currently it is in beta stage.

Get 1Z0-070 Oracle Exadata X5 Administration exam dumps free download.

Exam code - 1Z1-070, 1Z0-070
Exam name - Oracle Exadata X5 Administration 

umount: /u01 device is busy

Recently we faced this error while un-mounting /u01 file system.

You can get this error in two case either some one is logged in into the file system or some process is using this file system.

We have checked that no one is using /u01 file system now only one option was there , some process is using /u01 file system which is not allowing us to un-mount it.

We can check with below command that which processes are associated with /u01 file system.

Oracle Exadata DMA Job Description

Multiple time many readers has asked us that what can be the Exadata job description if any organization hiring Oracle Exadata DMA so thought to write one post on that in which almost everything we have included for Exadata JD.

No doubt skills can be different for each level of DMA position but we have tried to put everything which includes basic to expert level tasks.

You can also provide your valuable thought and input by mentioning in comment which will help our readers.

Exadata Skill
  • Good understanding of Exadata Architecture
  • Clear understanding of Exadata features like Flash cache, Storage Index, HCC and IORM
  • Solid exposure of Exadata hardware
  • Understanding of Luns, Cell Disk and Grid disk
  • Implementation experience of exadata features
  • Understanding of CELLCLI and DCLI
  • Performance tuning of Exadata component
  • Understanding of Cell Storage software
  • Troubleshooting experience

Database and RAC Skill

How to disable/enable CPUs in Linux ?

It's quite interesting to know how to disable and enable CPU core in Linux in different scenario.

Thought came from Exadata architecture as Exadata 1/8th Rack comes with 16 cores but only half of the CPUs will be enabled on the DB server, that's why we have to pay Oracle licence cost for half core only.

This enabling and disabling can be controlled by resource control utility which comes with Exadata, so what we can do to enable or disable cpu core in non Exadata server?

We have performed this test on test server which has four CPU cores.

Step 1: Check Total Available CPU

There are multiple method to check it, we have checked it with TOP utility which give you better understanding. It shows 4 cpu cores are available.