How to check that database is running on Exadata?

All the DBA don't get chance to work on Exadata as only DMA would have access to the Exadata so , if you are a DBA and want to know that whether your database is running on Exadata or not than you can check with below query.

If this query gives the output >0 than database is running on Exadata.

SQL>select count(*) from (select distinct cell_name from gv$cell_state);


It means database is running on 1/8th Exadata as 3 tells you the number of cells available on database machine.

By executing "select distinct cell_name from gv$cell_state" you will get cell IP details.

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  1. What would you get if the db your were connected to was on regular Oracle and not Exadata? guess I can try it and find out. :)