Steps to Generate Exadata One Command Configuration sheet

First download  Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistance from below link as per your respective Operating System.

Install it on your machine and click on config to open deployment assistance.

Below are the detailed steps to fill the configuration details.

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Provide organization name, application details, timezone with NTP and DNS Server details.

Select appropriate Exadata Configuration Rack, in our case it's Half Rack High Performance.

Provide network details for Administration and Client connectivity. You should have separate network for admin and client as per best practice.

Exadata Documentation Download

You can find all the Exadata documentation on Exadata storage server itself on below location.


In case you don’t have Exadata access or you don’t have Exadata in your organization than you can download Exadata documentation from metalink.

Download patch 10386736 from metalink. All the latest versions are available on this patch.