User Management in Exadata

User Management

#pam_tally2 -- Check the failed user login

#pam_tally2 -r -u username  ---Reset user user

######Check user pwd policy

#chage -l username

Cell Storage Processes

There are three processes will be running on the cell stoarge servers.

cellsrv - Cell Server

It is mutlithreaded process. The primary storage software components. Responsible for disk I/O with the use of iDB protocol.It communicates with Oracle Database to serve simple block requests like database buffer cache reads and Sart Scan requests like tablespaces with projections and filters. CELLSRV also implements I/ORM and collect statistics relating to its operation

MS - Management Server

This is the intermediater between command line interface and cell storage. It provide the interface of storage for configuration and administration purpose. It works with cellcli.It is also responsible to send alerts and collect statistics.

RS - Restart Server

Restart service will monitor the cellsrv and MS processes. It restarts them if necessary.

iDB Protocol

iDB protocol is an intelligent DataBase protocol which is the heart of the Exadata. It is used to do communication between Database node and cell storage. It transfers data between cell storage  and Database Node. Also it's provides interconnection bandwidth aggregation and failover.

DB pre-requisites to configure OEM12c

Database Pre-requisites to install the OEM 12c

### Deconfigure the dbconsole with below command ###

$emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop -HOST -PORT 1521 -SID emrep -SYS_PWD oraclepwd -SYSMAN_PWD oraclepwd -DBSNMP_PWD oraclepwd Y

### Set the parameter as per below on the OEM dataabse ###

sqlplus /nolog
 connect / as sysdba
 alter system set session_cached_cursors=200 scope=spfile;
 alter system set log_buffer=10485760 scope=spfile;
 alter system set processes=500 scope=spfile;
 alter database datafile '/u01/app/oracle/database/oradata/emrep/undotbs01.dbf' resize 250M;
 shutdown immediate

Exadata Operating System

Database Node:

Exadata DB node comes with 4 HDD (Hard Disk) with two OS. Two HDD Linux Configured and two HDD Solaris configured.

After Exadata comes to the floor, customer has to decide that which OS they will be required , accordingly Oracle ACS guy will configure single OS either Linux or Solaris on all four HDD with RAID 5 configuration.

Note: From X2-5, Solaris is no more available for Exadata machine.

Cell Storage:

Cell storage will be Linux configured. There is no second option for the storage cell.