Exadata Quick Reference 3: Oracle Exadata Patching Commands

Compute Node Patching: 

Patching on Database server can be performed serially or in parallel using DCLI utility.

dbnodeupdate.sh utility is used to perform the database server patching

What dbnodeupdate.sh utility does?
  • Stop/unlock/disable CRS for host restart
  • Perform LVM snapshot backup of / filesystem
  • Mount yum ISO image and configure yum
  • Apply OS updates via yum
  • Relink all Oracle homes for RDS protocol
  • Lock GI home and enable CRS upon host restart

#./dbnodeupdate.sh -u -l /u01/app/oracle/software/ESS_121220/p21825906_121220_Linux-x86-64.zip -v

#./dbnodeupdate.sh -u -l /u01/app/oracle/software/ESS_121220/p21825906_121220_Linux-x86-64.zip -b 

#./dbnodeupdate.sh -u -l /u01/app/oracle/software/ESS_121220/p21825906_121220_Linux-x86-64.zip 

#./dbnodeupdate.sh -c 


#./patchmgr -dbnode dbs_group -dbnode_upgrade -dbnode_loc /u01/app/oracle/software/ESS_121220/p21825906_121220_Linux-x86-64.zip dbnode_version 

Storage Cell Patching: 

Cell storage patching can be done by patchmgr utility which is used to do a patching in rolling as well in non-rolling fashion.

Syntax: ./patchmgr -cells cell_group -patch [-rolling] [-ignore_alerts] [- smtp_from "addr" -smtp_to "addr1 addr2 addr3 ..."]

Here addr is the sending mail id which is used to send status of patching and addr1,addr2,addr3 are receiving mail id to receive the status of patching.

#./patchmgr -cells cell_group -reset_force 
#./patchmgr -cells cell_group -cleanup 
#./patchmgr -cells cell_group -patch_check_prereq 
#./patchmgr -cells ~/cell_group –patch ./patchmgr -cells cell_group –cleanup 

Infiniband Switch Patching:

Patchmgr utility used to patch Infiniband switches.

#./patchmgr -ibswitches ibswitches.lst -upgrade -ibswitch_precheck -force 
#./patchmgr -ibswitches ibswitches.lst -upgrade -force 

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