Exadata Quick Reference 2: Oracle Exadata Diag Utilities

Location: /opt/oracle.ExaWatcher/GetExaWatcherResults.sh 

What it does?
Useful to monitor Diskinfo, IBCardInfo, IBprocs, Iostat, LGWR, Lsof, MegaRaidFW, Meminfo, Mpstat, Netstat, Ps, RDSinfo, Slabinfo, Top, Vmstat. It saves historical data in /opt/oracle.ExaWatcher/archive in each server.

Location: /opt/oracle.SupportTools/make_cellboot_usb

What it does?
The make_cellboot_usb utility allows you to rebuild a damaged CELLBOOT USB flash drive. 

Location: /usr/sbin/sosreport 

What it does?
The sosreport command is a tool that collects configuration details, system information and diagnostic information from Linux system.

Location: /opt/oracle.cellos/ipconf 

What it does?
The ipconf utility makes a back up copy of the files it modifies. When the utility is rerun, it overwrites the existing backup file. The log file maintains the complete history of every ipconf operation performed.

Location: /opt/oracle.SupportTools/CheckHWnFWProfile 

What it does?
The CheckHWnFWProfile utility checks that the system meets the required hardware and firmware specifications, and reports any mismatches.

Location: /usr/bin/ibdiagnet 

What it does?
Useful for scanning the fabric.

Location: /opt/oracle.SupportTools/ibdiagtools/checkbadlinks.pl

What it does?
The checkbadlinks.pl utility reports the links that are operating at 5 Gbps. This is usually an indication that the cables are loose, and need to be reseated.

Location: /opt/oracle.SupportTools/ibdiagtools/verify-topology 

What it does?
It is self expalararty. It is useful to verify fabric topology. The verify-topology utility checks the correctness and health of InfiniBand connections.

Location: /opt/oracle.SupportTools/sundiag.sh 

What it does?
The tool collects a lot of diagnostics information that assist the support analyst in diagnosing your problem, such as failed hardware like a failed disk, etc.

Location:  /opt/oracle.SupportTools/ibdiagtools/infinicheck 

What it does?
The infinicheck utility reports the base InfiniBand performance between servers in Oracle Exadata Database Machine, such as expected minimum throughput between the database server and cell, cell and cell, and database server and another database server. 

This utility can help identify potential issues in the InfiniBand fabric.


What it does?
The diagnostics.iso utility may be used to boot the server to diagnose serious problems when no other way exists to analyze the system due to damage to the system, and its CELLBOOT USB flash drive. 

Use this utility only with Oracle Support Services guidance. The root password should be available to Oracle Support Services, as needed.

Location: /opt/oracle.SupportTools/CheckSWProfile.sh 

What it does?
CheckSWProfile.sh processes the list of InfiniBand switch names and passwords provided,logs in to each switch and runs a series of InfiniBand commands such as  version show, module-firmware and also copies the contents of  /etc./opensm/opensm.conf to temporary files in /tmp.

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