Top 5 Critical Factors To Determine Database Recovery Objectives

Recovery of the database is the critical part of the backup and recovery strategy. Any database backup strategy is mainly governed by recovery requirements.

Following are the top critical factor which plays very important role while planing the backup and recovery strategy for Oracle database backup.

1. Recovery Time Objective (RTO): It is the target time you set for recovery of the database after any disaster. How quickly you recover the database that defines in RTO.

RTO has a broader purpose because it sets the boundaries for your whole business continuity management.

2. Recovery Point Objective (RPO): A Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is the maximum time frame your organization is willing to lose data for, in the event of database outage.

It is determined by looking at the time between data backups and the amount of data that could be lost in between backups.

What do RTO and RPO have in common? They are both crucial for business impact analysis and for business continuity management. Without determining them properly, you would be just guessing – and guessing is the best way to ensure you never recover from a disaster.

3. Performance: Often, whenever a backup kicks in, system performance is degraded. Does your OLTP take a hit when the backup kicks in? Do you need to minimize the impact of the backup on the running application because you need the application to be available 24/7? then you have to tune the system properly to minimize the impact on ongoing activity while backup is going on.

4. Retention: What is the backup retention policy? How many backups need to be stored on disks before they can be transferred to tape, archive, or a different tier storage?

5. Backup window: the period of time that a system is available to perform a backup procedure. Backup procedures can have detrimental effects to system and network performance, sometimes requiring the primary use of the system to be suspended. These effects can be mitigated by selecting proper backup window.

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