A Tour Of The Server ILOM Web GUI

Oracle exadata is a combination of servers and storage cell. Each of this has ILOM interface which is used for hardware management and maintenance activity.

What is ILOM?

An ILOM is a service processor (SP) that is embedded into all Oracle Sun Server–based products.Oracle ILOM’s dedicated hardware and software is pre-installed on a variety of Oracle Sun server platforms.

What it Does?

The aim of an ILOM is to provide support for a server in a manner such that access to the data center is not required for day-to-day support functions.

An ILOM also provides access to a variety of diagnostic features and has integration with Oracle’s Automatic Service Request (ASR) to provide call-home functionality to report hardware failures to Oracle for fast support.

The Oracle ILOM service processors provide a wide array of features, and its functional aspects improve with every release of the ILOM.

The Oracle ILOM service processor (SP) runs its own embedded operating system and has a dedicated Ethernet port, which together provide out-of-band management capability

What it allows to do?
  • Remotely control the power state of your server
  • System monitoring
  • Remote KVMS capabilities
  • Fault display
  • Integration with a variety of authentication systems, such as LDAP, SSL, Radius and Active Directory
  • Remote syslog setup
  • SNMP and SMTP-based alerting
  • Updating the firmware
  • Environmental reporting
  • View the graphical and non-graphical consoles for the host
  • Gather the hardware diagnostics
  • Monitoring host states remotely
  • Access to various part and serial numbers
  • Determine the hardware configuration of your system

Oracle ILOM automatically initializes as soon as power is applied to the server. It provides a full-featured, browser-based web interface and has an equivalent command-line interface (CLI).

While login to the ILOM it will re-directed to below landing page which contain system summary with the current status. The Summary screen shown below is rich in information and allows you to get a lot of information summarized quickly.

We can launch server remote control by clicking on the launch remote console.Remote console helps to get login directly into the server.

Following are some snaps from ILOM console which helps to manage the server using ILOM.

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