Monitoring Commands for Infiniband Switch

Infiniband is new for DBA so, DBA are not familiar with it in terms of management or monitoring but believe us monitoring or manage IB switches is not that much difficult.It's required just bit effort to understand how it works and how we can manage it. 

From Oracle Documentation you can learn it very well. Also it's not required much time to familiar with IB switches.

We can monitor IB switches using command line interface by executing simple linux commands for IB switches. 

Here we have give some of the commands which you can use for basic IB switch monitoring.

All the command are self-explanatory then also we have given bit information on each commands with sample output for reference purpose.

List of IB commands

#ibstatus  - To check the status of IB switch

#ibstat  - To check if there is any issue with IB ports

#iblinkinfo - To get detail information about about ports

#ibqueryerrors  - To find out if there is any error related to IB switch

#ibclearerrors  - To clear error

#ibhosts - To get the list of hosts in IB network

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