Capacity On Demand In Exadata Database Machine

Oracle has introduced capacity on demand on Exadata Database Machine so let's understand what is capacity on demand?

General Definition of COD:

Capacity on demand (COD) is a purchasing option that allows companies to receive equipment with more computer processing, storage, or other capacity than the company needs at the time of purchase, and have that extra capacity remain unused and unpaid for until the company actually requires it.

The number of active cores can be increased when additional capacity required is called capacity on demand.

Additional cores can be increased in 2-cores increment in X4-2 and X5-2 where as in X4-8 it can be increased in 8-cores increment.


Let's take an Example of database machine. When customer buy Exadata 1/8th Rack, only half of the cores would be enabled and half of them would be disabled so when customer's business expands and they required more computing power than they don't required to look around to increase it as vendor has already provided additional capacity which can be enabled at any time so in this case customer do not required to pass from purchasing procedure or any other hazardous which are time consuming. 

Simply they can enable it themselves whenever required.

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