Exadata Cell Services Administration

There are multiple services runs on Exadata cell server which need to administer on multiple occasion. i.e maintenance, upgrade, monitoring. Here we have listed down the commands to manage each cell service.

  • Check the status of all CELL services

#service celld status


#cellcli -e list cell attributes rsStatus, msStatus, cellsrvStatus detail

  • Start all CELL services

#service celld start


#cellcli -e alter cell startup services all

  • Stop all CELL services

#service celld stop


#cellcli -e alter cell shutdown services all force

  • Restart all CELL services

#service celld restart


#cellcli -e alter cell restart services all force

  • CELLSRV (Cell Server) administration

#cellcli -e alter cell stop services cellsrv
#cellcli -e alter cell start services cellsrv
#cellcli -e alter cell restart services cellsrv

  • MS (Management Server) administration

#cellcli -e alter cell stop services ms
#cellcli -e alter cell start services ms
#cellcli -e alter cell restart services ms 

  • RS (Restart Server) administration

#cellcli -e alter cell stop services rs
#cellcli -e alter cell start services rs
#cellcli -e alter cell restart services rs

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