What is DBMCLI in Exadata?


Starting Exadata Storage Server Release a new command-line interface called DBMCLI is introduced for database server.

DBMCLI is the database machine command line interface to administrate exadata database server.

It runs on each database machine. By default it is pre-installed on each database server and on virtualized machine while it shipped.

DBMCLI utility is included in latest release of Exadata image


  • Configure ASR, capacity-on-demand, infrastructure as a service
  • Configure database server e-mail alerts
  • Configure, manage and monitor database servers
  • Start stop server
  • Manage server configuration information
  • Enable or disable the server
  • It can be start through SSH by executing DBMCLI command
  • Used to monitor database server metrcis
  • It uses DB server OS authentication, it doesn't required login parameter, moreover like CELLCLI


$dbmcli [port_number] [-n] [-m] [-xml] [-v | -vv | -vvv] [-x] [-e command]


Port_number  - Specifies HTTP port number of database server. If not specified it will use the port from cellinit.ora file.If it is not in cellinit.ora than port number 8888 will be used.

n                 - Execute DBMCLI command in non-interactive mode
m                - Run DBMLI in run monitor mode (Read Only)
xml              - Display output in xml format, can be used for OEM
v, vv, vvv      - Set log level, Fine, Finer and Finest level of log
x                 - Suppress the banner
e                 - To execute specific DBMCLI command 


DBMCLI has two users

dbmadmin   - Used for administration purpose
dbmmonitor - Used for monitoring purpose

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