Things To Do Before Applying Bundle Patch On Exadata

One of our reader asked us, what we should take care before applying the bundle patch on Exadata, so thought to write this article where we have mentioned some points based on our patching experience, we can say it's part of bundle patch pre-preparation.

Missing of single point can lead you to difficult stage which we can eliminate by planing better.

               "Always plan for worst to do the best"

  • Make sure that you have backup plan for Exadata box connectivity in case you are doing things remotely
  • Install VNC client on your workstation
  • Install VNC server on Exadata in case if you required GUI. You can also use Xmanager and Xming to take GUI from your workstation
  • Download latest Exadata bundle patch
  • Read all the readme which comes with the bundle patch and prepare yourself how patching will be done
  • Create excel which contain all the IP addresses of Exadata components
  • Prepare list of password which would be required to apply the bundle patches
  • Download latest Exacheck and execute on the database machine
  • Study full Exacheck report and check if any action need to be required against any warning or error
  • If require execute Exacheck utility second time to get the Exacheck report
  • Make sure Oracle support is available in case of any urgency. Proactively you can create SR with Oracle before starting to apply bundle patch
  • Check SSH user equivalence between DB server and Storage node. Configure if not configured
  • Decide which patching method you are going to use e.g rolling, non-rolling
  • Make sure you have all the contact details for all the team in case of any help required e.g. Application, Unix, Network, Power, backup
  • You should have latest backup available of all the Database running on Exadata box
  • Check if there is any NFS storage is mounted on Exadata if yes than do appropriate action prior
  • If you have not rebooted your DB server since long than it would be always better to do reboot first before applying patch as it gives us relax feeling if everything comes up normal.--:)
  • Based on the patch readme, copy required patch to each component wherever required
  • Don't forget to make step by step plan based on readme, believe us you will get a lot confidence by preparing this
Hope we have covered almost everything, you can comment here if we forgot any points.   

You would also love to know How to install VNC server on Exadata.

Happy Patching :)

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