Oracle Exadata IORM

IORM is the great feature come with Exadata which gives us to control the resources for multiple databases as well as different workloads on same database . Just given overview regarding IORM.

IORM is the extension of DBRM. IORM does not directly improve efficiency of operation by reducing the amount of resources required but  I/O Resource Manager contributes to improved efficiency by ensuring that in a scenario where there is more demand for a resource than can be simultaneously supplied by the Exadata Storage Server, the most critical operations will deliver a consistent quality of service.

We can priorotize the storage I/O to the Database based on the criticality of the database. IORM deliver consistent performance quality. IORM guarantee that particular DB will get percentage of resources at any time.

When bandwidth is dividing in different workload in same database, it's called intradatabase resource management. In this case IORM does not come in the picture as whole resource utilization can be configured on compute node.

When bandwidth is dividing for different databases, it's called interdatabase IORM. In this scenario IORM need to be configured on cell level.

IORM Architecture:

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