Oracle Exadata vs IBM Power Systems

Cost comparison for business decision-makers between Oracle Exadata and IBM power system

The FactPoint Group is a Silicon Valley-based research, and consulting firm that is dedicated to the business improvement of its clients.Factpoint Group has conducted survey for Exadata vs IBM Power system with the help of customers as well as technical team who are using these systems.

The research produce TCO comparison for both the systems which includes:

  • Acquisition costs
  • Implementation and deployment costs
  • Operations and maintenance costs for three years.
Below are the major points which were included in the research.

Implementation Cost

As per  research Oracle Exadata require 59% fewer man-hours than the traditional IBM system.

Implementation Time

Implementation of Exadata can be completed within one week where IBM system requires 3 week for implementation.

Operation and Maintenance labor

Exadata requires 40% fewer man-hours than IBM system for operation and maintenance.

Acquisition Costs

It includes one-time cost of purchasing hardware and software. Almost 40% less cost of Exadata than the IBM system.

TCO Comparison

Exadata TCO is 31% lesser than IBM system.

Power and Cooling Calculation

With Exadata around 50% cost saving on Power and Cooling

Performance benefits over IBM systems on Exadata are:
  • Smart Flash Cache
  • Storage Index
  • Compression
  • IORM
  • Single vendor management
  • No specific storage, OS or network team required to manage Exadata
  • Change management can work faster as only DBA team required for change so OS, Storage and Network team co-ordination is not required and time can be saved here
  • Might be we have missed many more features of Exadata here but for understanding a comparison these points are enough


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