User Equivalence between DB Node and Storage Cell

In configuration of user equivalence is quite simple as it has been managed by executable script which doesn't required manual actions which generally we do in normal server setup.

Explained user equivalence setup procedure for Exadata servers and storage.

Checking the hostname on storage server from DB node with dcli utility where SSH equivalence has not been configured.

[oracle@ex01dbm01 ~]$ dcli -c ex01cel01 -l oracle hostname
celladmin@ex01cel01's password:

Now pushing SSH key to storage cell with below command

[oracle@ex01dbm01 ~]$ dcli -g ./cell_group -k
celladmin@ex01cel02's password:
celladmin@ex01cel01's password:
celladmin@ex01cel03's password:
ex01cel01: ssh key added
ex01cel02: ssh key added
ex01cel03: ssh key added

Here cell_group is the list of cell storage server name .

Now executing dcli on storage cell to check whether user equivalence has been configured properly or not.

[oracle@ex01dbm01 ~]$ dcli -c ex01cel01 -l oracle hostname

Above command has not asked any password to login into the cel01 that means equivalence is working fine.

                            Oracle User Equivalence between two DB servers


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