Exadata Storage Server Shutdown/Startup procedure

Shutdown Procedure

1. Execute below command to check if there is any offline disk    

cellcli > list griddisk attributes name where asmdeactivationoutcome != ‘ yes’

if it write anything then it's not safe to offline the storage server as disk redundancy will not maintained properly.

2. Inactivate all the griddisk with below command if step one positively executed with no output

Cellcli > alter griddisk all inactive

3. Verify whether all disks are inactive or not with below command

Cellcli > list griddisk where status =! ‘inactive’

If all disk grid disks are inactive then we can proceed to shutdown the storage server.

Startup Procedure

1. Start the cell. All cell services will come up automatically.

2. Bring all disk online

Cellcli > alter griddisk all active

3. Verify whether disks successfully came online or not

Cellcli > list griddisk attributes name, asmmodestatus

All disks should come online. If any of the disk is not online then wait sometimes to change the disk status.

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