Exadata Interview Questions Part -2

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  • What is cell disk ?
  • What is grid disk ?
  • What is IORM ?
  • What are the ways to migrate on Exadata ?
  • Procedure to drop cell disk on Exadata.
  • What is cellsrv and how it works ?
  • Use of cellsrv service on Exadata storage cell.
  • What is iDB protocol ?
  • What is the purpose to use Exacheck tool ?
  • What is the oswatcher and how it works ?
  • What is RS services and how it works ?
  • How to enable HCC on database table ?
  • How many networks are available on Exadata ?
  • How we can integrate OEM12c with Exadata ?
  • What are the ways to install OEM12c agent on Exadata ?
  • Which cell services are running on Exadata storage cell ?
  • Purpose of MS(management service) on storage cell.
  • How cell storage software backup happens ?
  • Which OS supports by Exadata ?
  • How to power off Exadata Machine ?
  • How to do maintainance on Cell Storage and DB server?
  • What is writet-through caching mode ?
  • What is Write-back caching mode ?
  • Explain the procedure to drop the Cell storage ?
  • How to replace physical storage disk on cell storage ?
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