Exadata Networks


This is Ethernet network which is used to manage the hardware components of Exadata machine. Using this network administrator can access the hardware through KVM or ssh to monitor the hardware components. Servers and storage contains ILOM also which is used to monitor the components remotely. All the devices contains management networks including infiniband and PDUs.


This is high speed storage network between cell storage and database servers. This is also used as cluster interconnect. We can also configure high speed backup with the use of infiniband network. Each database server and cell storage connected to infiniband network with the use of bonded infiniband network to maintain redunduncy.This is the private network which does not required any network connection from client switch.
Client Access:

Exadata comes with both 1GbE and 10GbE network ports. Initially it configured single client access with single port (NET1) or with bonded ports (NET1 & NET2), depends upon the customer.This network will be used for public access so it will be different from the management network.As per the best practice management and client access network should not come from same network. Database servers also contains two 10GbE ports to configure 10gig network either for public or backup again depends on the customer as SFP (Interface between server and 10gig network) don't come with the Exadata set , if anyone want to use then order has to make separately.Also Customer must have required 10gig environment to use 10 gig ports.

         All the three network should be on different network to maintain the security.


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