X2-2 Exadata Machine Overview

Exadata Machine

-Database Servers, Storage and Network in a Single Enclosure
-High Bandwidth Network Connects Database and Storage Servers
-Intelligent Storage Filters Data and Minimizes Network Traffic
-Optimized for Both Data Warehouse and OLTP Activity
-Available in two variants, X2-2 and X2-8
-Available Full, half and Quarter Racks

Machine Configuration 

-8 Intel-based Dual-processor Database Servers (Sun Fire X4170 M2)
-96 cores (12 per server)
-768 GB memory (96GB per server)
-10 GigE connectivity to Data Center
-16 x 10GbE ports (2 per server)
-14 Exadata Storage Servers X2-2 All with High Performance 600GB SAS disks OR All with High Capacity 2 TB SAS disks
-3 Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36
-36-port Managed QDR (40Gb/s) switch
-1 “Admin” Cisco Ethernet switch
-Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) hardware
-Redundant Power Distributions Units (PDUs)



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